The Future is Bright for our clients. We have options.

As an initial assessment, Cardinal Capital determines the organization goals, the financial health and overall direction of the company.  If Cardinal Capital accepts the client, an minimal initial fee is charged to engage services, package the financials and plan, identify potential sources of funding and/or financial tools to pursue, present the package for consideration and broker the transaction.  Upon closing, Cardinal Capital receives a fee for successfully connecting the client with capital and/or appropriate financial tool(s).  The following are examples of the financial tools we use to address clients needs:

  • Working Capital Loans

  • Lines of Credit

  • Factoring

  • Purchase Order Financing Inventory Loans

  • Contract Financing

  • Merchant Loans

  • Commercial Real Estate Government Backed Loans

  • Mezzanine Finance

  • Equipment Lease

  • Equity Financing

Cardinal Capital, LLC, Financial Consultants  No License Required, Baton Rouge, LA