SBA Process

Cardinal Capital accesses multiple qualified SBA Lenders with a varied qualifications and asset categories.  We find the right SBA lending solution for you.

The number one question asked by our clients is how long does it take to get an SBA loan? The answer is never easy or straight forward: Most often, the length of time it takes to package, submit, approve and close SBA loans depends on how responsive, you, the client is in the process. SBA has a set of accountabilities built into the entire process for each of its team members that work on SBA loans. 

Business Development Manager:
Cardinal Capital works with an SBA Business Development Manager at qualified SBA lending institutions. The role of the BDM is to identify new loan opportunities.  We work with the BDM to create feasible proposals, package and submit the SBA loan while meeting the packaging requirements.  Proposals are typically packaged and submitted within three to five business days upon receipt of required information from you, the client. Cardinal Capital and the BDM work together to answer any outstanding questions.  The BDM submits the proposal to underwriting within two days.

Underwriter for SBA Loans:
The role of the Underwriter at SBA is to analyze the loan request, interview the applicant, and obtain SBA approval within 5 to 7 business days. They continue to manage the loan package from point of submission until receipt of an SBA Authorization.

The role of the Closer is to review the documentation gathered by the processor, prepare the closing documents and close the loan within 5 business days from the collection of the entire closing requirement list.

The role of our Servicing Department is to review the documents executed at closing and authorize funding of the loan within 2 business days from closing.

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Cardinal Capital offers multiple options for SBA Loans.  Contact us today!

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