What do you do? Cardinal Capital exists to assist businesses in their quest for funds. We help our clients define the who, what, when, where and how much and then introduce them to the sources that meet those needs.

What products do you represent? We don’t represent lenders, we represent borrowers. We have no preconceived products, no limitations on the type and size of requests, no geographical limitations.  Whatever our clients are looking for, we will help them find.

How long does it take to close a loan? Our quickest loan was 90 minutes. Our longest was over 2 years.  The time to close depends on the who, what, when, where and how much from both the borrower and lender sides of each transaction.

How can my bank or business work with you?  We start with an initial meeting to determine needs. We go into the initial meeting looking for broad needs and narrow the focus down to deliverables and goals.  This often leads to unrealized opportunities.

Do you compete with commercial lenders? Not at all. We work with them to solve our clients’ problems.

How do you help banks with clients? Not all clients are a good fit all the time. When a lender needs a client to move all or part of their relationship, we can assist both sides with the transition.

What is your onboarding process for banks? See #4 above

What is your onboarding process for businesses? See #4 above

Do you operate in my market? We have no geographical limitations and no industry limitations.

What industries do you serve? We serve all categories and industries.

Why should I use you? Because we’re good and fun to work with.  We think differently, we’re as quick as you will let us be and we see opportunity where others see obstacles.

What interest rates do you offer? We do not offer interest rates or terms or amounts.  We represent our clients to get them the best offer possible for their needs from the best possible sources.  The Client makes the decision to accept offers.

What are your fees? Similar to attorneys and accountants. For businesses we have several fee structures depending on the business case. For lending institutions, we have a retained pay structure and a per-project structure

Do you provide Factoring? Yes, we have factoring resources as well as many other resources we use to address the business issue.

Can I get an interview or personal appearance? Yes, we often speak at functions, conferences and conventions.

Comment on news or related industry information? Yes, we often write opinion papers, white papers and offer quotes for trade publications and news outlets.  Our views on contemporary commercial capital and lending are colorful and easy reads.