Welcome to our NOTES page.  Where NOTES are:


  1. a brief record of facts, topics, or thoughts, written down as an aid to memory.
  2. a short informal letter or written message.
  3. a written promise to pay a debt.


  1. notice or pay particular attention to (something).
  2. record (something) in writing.

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SPEED is NEEDED in our Industry. Now!

In a recent lecture to MBA students, we discussed service delivery. The topic of ‘speed of service’ came up. Studies show speed of delivery is one of the major components of service perceptions. Slower = worse the rating, faster = better ratings, ceteris paribus[1]. I finished the lecture, went back to my office and called a…

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Arnold Palmer, the legendary golfer, was said to have been sitting in the clubhouse of Augusta National one day after a round. Surrounded by agents, colleagues, and representatives from all the major golf club brands. A young caddie asked Mr. Palmer “You’ve been around a while. Seen and done it all. What technology has made…

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Bolts in a Jar

I have a Ball 64oz glass mason jar that holds random bolts, screws and nails. Good money says you have something similar. Mine was once in the good hands of my grandfather in his old shop and handed down to me. When I am in need of that one bolt, I hit the mason jar.…

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